The Carol Easterling Award Rules and Regulations




The 37th Annual FPA Conference is right around the corner and it is sure to be one of the best conferences yet. As you may already know, I am the Chair of the Carol Easterling Award Committee. This award was established to recognize the hard work of our front line employees. You and I both know that they are the heart and soul of an organization. They do a lot of the hard work with a smile on their faces, often with very little gratitude in return. This is your opportunity to recognize that employee.

The Carol Easterling Award was established several years ago in honor of a former FPA Board Member who was a champion for those front line employees whom she felt were the unsung heroes in our organizations. This award was created to reward those very deserving members of our team. I am sure you can think of at least one person that you can nominate for this award. It is a great way to say “Thank you” for being an exemplary employee as well as an important person to our organization.

It only takes a few minutes to submit a nomination. All you have to do is fill out a brief questionnaire about the nominee which will be reviewed by the Board Members and the CEA Committee. For your edification, I have attached a sample of a completed nomination form. One winner will be selected from every region and those three candidates will be given a video camera to record a short video representing “a day in the life” of that employee. In addition to receiving the aforementioned video camera, the three candidates will also receive a two-night stay at the conference or nearby hotel, recognition and award at the annual conference, as well as, the chance to win the Grand Prize. The videos, along with the questionnaires, will in turn be reviewed by the FPA Board Members and a grand prize winner will be chosen. The selected Grand Prize Winner will also receive a paid registration to the 2017 FPA Annual Conference and a cash prize of $350.

I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to acknowledge an employee for the hard work they do for your organization. Please fill out the questionnaire for your nominee and submit it to Marilyn Etheridge, Association Manager, Email Marilyn Etheridge by no later than Friday, October 7th. Please feel free to contact me directly should you have any questions. Email Alex Argudin



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General –

Carol Easterling was a devoted Board Member of the Florida Parking Association (FPA) for 10 years. During her tenure, she promoted the involvement of front line employees in our conference and educational seminars. After her passing, the FPA Board created the Carol Easterling Scholarship in her memory. To this end, the current Board has revamped the once “Carol Easterling Scholarship” to the “Carol Easterling Award” and has enhanced its reach and prize payout.

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Eligibility –

All current FPA members are eligible to nominate a candidate for the CEA. The candidate does not have to be an active member of FPA and must be a front line employee or first level Supervisor. The candidate must also be an active employee for a parking organization within the region for which they are being nominated.
FPA Board members are not allowed to submit nominations, but active FPA members within their perspective organizations are eligible to submit nominations.

Call for Nominations –

An e-mail will be sent to all active FPA members asking for nominations to be submitted. A timeline for submissions will be established and adhered to. A form will also be sent with the call for nominations and is required for submission of nominations.

Regions –

The South region begins at Key West (Monroe County) and ends at Palm Beach County. The Middle region is the area north of Palm Beach County to Orlando (Orange County). The North region is all areas north of Orange County to the Florida state line.

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Selection of Winners –

The full Active FPA Board will serve as the selection committee. Individual board members will not be allowed to cast a vote for their own region or in the event that their organization has submitted a candidate. A minimum of best out of three votes will be required to determine each region’s winners.

Awards –

This award has inspired many to excel in their front line jobs in order to receive recognition from their peers. Last year’s finalists were able to attend the conference with their hotel, registration, and non-conference sponsored meals paid by the FPA. Below is a quick summary of the award and some added enhancements:
A total of three (3) awards will be bestowed on a candidate from each distinct region – South, Central, and North.
Winners will be provided with – (1) paid registration for the annual conference, (2) two nights at the conference or nearby hotel, (3) one flip camera or equivalent device (to be returned to the FPA), (4) recognition and award at the annual conference, (5) a daily per diem allowance for non-conference covered meals, (6) a chance to win the grand prize.
The Grand Prize Winner will receive a paid registration to the 2016 FPA Annual Conference and will receive a cash prize of $350.
Transportation to and from the conference will not be covered. Per Diem allowance will be provided at the time of conference registration in the form of a check made out to the winner. The hotel will be pre-paid for the winner, but the winner will need to place a credit card at the time of check-in for incidentals. This award is not transferable and winners will not have the option of receiving any cash equivalent in lieu of attending.

The “Day in the life” clip –

Each winner will be given a digital flip camera or equivalent device to record a short clip documenting a “day in their life” to show our members the experiences of their front line duties. The clip should not be longer than five (5) minutes and the FPA Board may edit the clip as they deem necessary. The winner shall be conscience of the audience and make certain the clip is free of any inappropriate content. The Board encourages creativity when making the clip.

Grand Prize Winner –

One regional winner will be chosen as the grand prize winner. Once the flip cameras are returned with the “Day in the Life” presentations, the Board will review the clip entries along with all other information submitted and choose one (1) grand prize winner. The grand prize winner will be awarded paid registration to the 2016 FPA Annual Conference and a cash prize of $350. Transportation to and from the conference will not be covered. This award is not transferable and winners will not have the option of receiving any cash equivalent in lieu of attending.